The Snake Eaters were formed in Prague in 1993. The original formation included American singer/guitarist Brad Stratton, Australian singer/guitarist Grahame Ryan and Czech violinist Pavel Cingl.

Brad, Grahame, Pavel

After Ryan's return to Australia, Stratton and Cingl began looking for a replacement. After a short time, it was clear that finding a guitarist with a style similar to Ryan's would not be possible, and so Cingl recommended a new approach, bringing upright bassist Vladimir Vytiska to the group.

Vladimír, Brad, Pavel

The newly formed group began playing concerts again, and after a short time released their first CD. The album was titled Simple Things. The members of the group were joined by drummer and percussionist Tomas Brozek for the recording of their first album. With the addition of Brozek in the studio, The Snake Eaters gave their sound a new rhythmic dimension.

Pavel,  Brad, Tomáš, Vladimír

In 1997, Brozek was replaced by Jarda Kvasnicka.

Pavel,  Brad, Vladimír, Tomáš, Jarda

In 1999, The Snake Eaters went into hibernation, when Stratton moved to Brooklyn, New York. Since this time, the group performs only occasionally, and has had short concert tours in both New York and the Czech Republic.

Pavel, Brad